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SM520B,C steel

We can produce JIS3106  SM520B/C steel    round rods. With BEBON STEEL production experience, strict contro JIS3106  SM520B/C steel   chemical composition and JIS3106  SM520B/C steel    mechanical properties. we have the control of professional engineers. We have advanced precision machining equipment, according to the requirements of users machining. in order to achieve the most satisfied with the user requirements.

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SM520B/C steel plate Chemical analysis -% by  mass* 

Grade C.max Si.max Mn P.max S.max
SM520C 0.2 0.55 1.6 0.035 0.035

 SM520B/C steel plate Mechanical properties 

Grade Yield point of proof stress N/mm2 min   Tensile Strength N/mm2 Elongation
Thickness of steel mm Thickness of Steel mm thickness Test piece % min
  ≤16 16-40 ≤100
        <5 NO.5 19
SM520C 365 355 520-640 ≥5<16 NO.1A 15
        ≥16<50 NO.1A 19